The Benefits Of;

Balasana -Child Pose (Yoga) 

Similar to Sudjud (Islamic meditation)..


Your soul is just a piece Given bye

and Coming directly and straight from the Onest.

If you long to become "with Him" / become ''One'' Again..


And want to become closest as possible to..
the Universe/The Source/YHWH/G-D/ Allah /The Great Spirit/God/or The Enlightenment in this life on earth..


The connection,The Port to become, 
is in you're heart and which your soul belongs to..


You carry it with you..
That makes you who you are, 
when you feeding your soul. 

And if you take care of that your Soul becomes Very Best Friends with your Ego,
So that your ego allows itself to be guided by your soul..


You be always very close to it.. 
close to who you are..

And especially..
when you are able to make your soul captain of your ship..


But we always wanted to know the very best of all..
We are always wanted the very very best!
The highest quality etc..


Then go in Sudjud/Balasana.


Seek yourself in your innerside.. your fitrah.. your empowerment.. your light in your heart..

And get the benefits of Balasana/ Sudjud for your body on earth
and also for your spiritual body which included your soul:


Muhammed p.b.u.h said:
“The closest that a keeper of enlightenment is to the Onest is when he is in sudjud..” 
(or Balasana)

"Whoever is reverential (making Sudjud or Balasana) to (connect with) The Onest, 
The Onest will exalt him."


Because when you are in Sudjud/Balasana your whole human being and spiritual being is the closest bye you're innerside treasure.. 

The light you carry whitin yourself..

The Benefits Of Sudjud.. (-or Balasana -Child Pose)

Interesting fact :
Both Balasana (Child Pose) -(or Sudjud) are both most effective :
when you do this at 5 timeds during a whole day,


The Benefits Of Balasana (Child Pose) -(or Sudjud)

It helps release tension in the chest, back, and shoulders. This Asana is highly recommended, especially if you have a bout of dizziness or fatigue during the day or during your workout. This Asana helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
If this Asana is performed with a full gravitational pull, one can notice a great sense of mental, physical, and emotional solace.

Much Love..

Iris Ameenah

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